Jerome Bartie Testimony


I have been living with diabetes for more than twenty years. I got saved fifteen years ago and it was the best decision I've made. Things looked great. Then about four years ago a storm hit me, I was diagnosed with cancer and knowing that when you hear a doctor tell you this, it looked like my whole world was falling apart. While laying in the hospital bed I started praying and asking God what do I do.

The holy spirit let me to the verse Matthew 5:25-34. And this is how I look at life today by trusting and letting God control my life. Not just the cancer, but on top of that, my eyesight gave me problems but that was not all. l also lost the feeling in my feet and part of my legs. I was medically boarded from work. This was the time l trusted God the most... then it got even worse. Some days are bad, when I can't handle the pain but I just call on the name of Jesus, just to make it bearable. My wife had to stop working to look after myself and our son who has special needs. With both of us not working is really a challenge and this is really testing our faith. But by trusting God we manage day by day. My encouragement is to trust God through the process.


Cheryl Johnson


Sometimes God takes you through storms and you don't know where you will end up but just trusting in Him will take you where you need to be. You won't realize it but you won't remember where you were before because of His goodness.

I sell food from home because I'm not working so I have to earn an income. Friday, I sold Curry Bunnies but I had to go buy stock. All I had on my name was a R220. I said Lord, You need to make sure I get what I need and You need to come through for me. So I had to travel and buy stock, all with a R220. I went to Town and paid my taxi fare and had to buy all my groceries with a R200.

I went to the shop, only with a R200. And I said Lord, You just lead me. You make a way. I took what I needed and went to the till. This is everything I needed and I couldn't put anything down. But then I put the green pepper down. The cashier asks me if I'm taking it and it was as if she was trying to convince me to take it and I just had to say no. When she rang all the groceries up it came to R199,99. All that came to mind was Lord, I praise You. It's something so small, but I came to realize that if God is not in it, it's not going to work. I have learned all this while being at home and not working. I have learned it through eveything I have gone through and experienced during my unemployment. If we don't trust Him and take that leap of faith, it won't work out.

I never thought I'd be standing here today giving this testimony but I placed my trust in Him, I had faith in my God. I placed Him in the centre. I told God, "I won't do this without You. Without You this won't work".

He comes through when you think there's nothing left. Take that leap of faith, trust in God. You might think it won't work but with Him, eveything works out for our good.


Djavan Franzen

I am so thankful to the Lord for all He’s done in my life. I want to share my Covid experience with you. I didn’t have the virus itself but Covid definitely affected my job. During Covid, I was retrenched. This was during the time my son was born. I had an option to either leave the job or stay and do something less than what I do and obviously earn less than what I do. So during this time, my son was born and it was already tough because you’re working from home, it’s a stressful environment and I have to be present with my family.

They then told me at work that I am the only person they will be retrenching in the marketing department as my position became redundant. Someone joined after I did in the marketing department but I sat there and wondered, why am I being retrenched? However, I didn’t fight it because I needed to think of a way to support my family; a better way to sustain my family. I opted for demotion where I received less pay and started working in production and packaging and to think of it, it was demoting to my spirit as well, to go from where I was to where I found myself. I walked into my workplace and people saw me in the previous department and I get asked so many questions and no one knows I am the only one who was retrenched and they expected me to walk in shame but because of the Lord, I walked in His glory and His worship that He has instilled in me. Every single day I had to go through that and at the end of the day, I opted to take my computer home and I started my own business. I did odd jobs in terms of logos and this was just to sustain us, to make that extra money that was cut from my salary. It became very difficult. It took every night staying up till 3am, working extra hours and even working during my working hours. I just worked and worked, so much so that I sometimes forgot about my family and to top it off, I have a new born.

I became so despondent and discouraged but there is always a way. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what you go through. This was the scripture that I had on my desk, Colossians 3 verse 23 to 24. ”Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward, it is the Lord Christ you are serving, not man”. And every single day, walking in shame I still knew that I’m not doing this for anybody else. I’m doing this for the Lord and one day I will get out of here and manage to do something else.

I did my own business, and as time went on I was back in church actively but even in this time, I had to work every day, extra hours, up till 3am and honestly, this drained me. I remember I spoke to Pastor and mentioned the need for a new job as this would sustain us better and would also give me time to spend with my family. I can do everything else but my family still comes first. I then got a job offer at a new company and I was asking the Lord, do I accept this? Because I was hoping to become permanent at this job. Or should I just stay where I am, work hard and hope for the best? I took the job and said, Lord, I’m doing this and I know that you are with me. You remind me every day of that scripture that I work for you and nobody else. I took the job, three months went by, and I am still not permanent. Nobody came forward to tell me if I’m becoming permanent or not. Imagine sitting every day and wondering if what you are putting in is enough.

And again, I was reminded, work at it with all your heart as if you were doing it for the Lord. You may not get this job, I told myself, but work at it with all your heart. On Friday, I spoke to HR and enquired. I was uncertain about my future there. This was my prayer; as found in Romans 5 verse 3-4. “We also glory in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance; character and character; hope”. And my hope in the Lord brought my answer. On Friday, I was made permanent. Again, we don’t do it for anyone else, but for the Lord. I am not a perfect man but in the Lord I know that He is there with me, at all times, through whatever I go through. The Lord is good, all the time.


Tasriq Adams

"There's a grace when the heart is under fire, another way way when the walls are closing in" - Hillsong. This verse has so much meaning to me as it highlights a significant time in my life. A time that reminds me of how God has carried me through. I believe that everyone has a time in their life where they don't know whether they are coming or going. I would like to share about how good God has been to me. This might sound cliché but it is true, Jesus loves us and he will come through for us in His time. I am the eldest of 4 children, I have 3 younger siblings and a inactive father. For the 4 of us our mother was our rock and strength, she was the bread winner and the one who was always there for us. About 5 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This news has caused so much confusion, pain and anxiety. To see my mom suffer has had an impact on us as her children and to top it all off the lord called her home 2 years later. To me, this has been heart shattering, I had so much questions. I was confused and asked God how he could take away our rock and strength while we are so young. Nothing made sense to me, all the pain and heartache caused me to push away friends and loved ones. However, God subtly directed my path without me realizing it. He strategically placed people in my life to help me push through the pain and heartache. Today I can gladly say that through time when my heart was under fire I continued trusted Jesus. Honestly, it could have been different as I could have chosen to turn my back against God and turn to drugs and alcohol to ease my pain. However, I decided to press through my darkest hour. God showed me that there is another way when the walls are closing in on me. Now I realize that God knows best, and even though He calls home our closest loved ones or allows us to be under fire, He is still with us and promises to never leave us. I am where I am today because of my savour Jesus Christ, he is my rock and strength. His love endures forever and ever. Grace and Peace Tasriq Adams


Allistair Africa

Hi my name is Allistair and I'm 20 years old. About two years ago I found myself in a place where I didn't know where my life was heading. I was so concerned about my future and where I would end up but I had Faith. God took care of me and carried me through. He gave me strength and today I can only be thankful to Him for the grace, love and prosperity I've experienced. I'm not where I want to be but thank God I'm also not where I used to be. He has great plans for me and I'll keep trusting in Him.


Jerome Hendricks


Cece Winans’ song lyrics says, “It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it”. That is my testimony. It wasn’t easy. God brought me through a mighty lot - it wasn’t easy, but there was a reason why I went through what I did. I grew up in Retreat, I became a gangster and committed a lot of murders. I was eventually sentenced to a lot of years in prison. It was in prison that I found my Saviour. But I came out and backslid and I started doing drugs again. Seven times, I stood before a gun but God had His hand over my life. I decided to go back and serve Christ and this time I said to the Lord, I WON’T TURN BACK. The only question I had when I recommitted my life to the Lord was why did I have to go through all of that? Sat in prison for eighteen years, why? Why couldn’t I be like the other brother and sister in church who went through little things that weren’t so bad? But the Lord said to me, there is a reason why I had to go through it. There is someone out there going through the same thing as me who tell themselves, there is no way out. I want to encourage you, it is never too late. With God, all things are possible. You are never too bad to become good. God doesn’t want anyone of us to miss salvation. When I returned to the Lord and recommitted my life to Him, He opened doors. Even where I am today, who I am, is by grace. God honours those who honour Him. I speak to a lot of people, who say they are still not right, still not where they need to be but it’s a lie. God wants you to come just as you are. Smoking, drinking, whatever you are doing, come to Him.

I’m reminded about that scripture when the disciples walked with Jesus and saw the blind man they asked, who sinned, him or his parents. Jesus said to them, nor him nor his parents, but let the power of the Lord be revealed in his life. That is my testimony and my encouragement to you – whatever you are going through, there is a reason and God doesn’t look at what you’ve done, where you come from, your colour, your size; he looks at your heart. I am giving this encouragement to someone with the hope that the Lord will save you. That the Lord will have His way in your lives. As He did with me. It wasn’t easy coming to the Lord because that is when the struggles start. This is when the enemy tries to attack you. The enemy attacks God’s children because he knows we belong to Him. When God comes into your life and cleans you and covers you with His blood, the enemy automatically declares you an enemy of him. But, the enemy has already been defeated. You only need to take that step and come to Christ. Don’t listen to people when they say “you won’t make it, you’re not right with Him yet.” With Christ all things are possible. With Christ you can jump over that high wall like king David. Let the Lord have His way in your life. Maybe you’re sitting with a dilemma and you’re going through something, there is nothing too hard for the Lord. Nothing too big for Him to handle. Don’t look to people, don’t worry what they will say when you change your ways and make that decision to serve Christ. The world around us is falling apart with this pandemic. But when the Lord comes today, where will you spend your eternity?

You will always have a struggle but with Jesus in your boat you will smile at the storm. You will be more than a conqueror, you will be an overcomer. Because on the cross Jesus died for us. He took our sins, onto His body and nailed it there and died for you and me.

Friends, for me there is nothing better than to serve Christ. Yes the attacks will come, but I know my redeemer lives. Be encouraged by the fact that I was a sinner, deep in the world and I was saved by God’s unfailing grace and now I live in His love and mercy. Take courage, be strong, and make that decision to serve Him. Near to Him and He will come near to you.


Chaney Raubenheimer

If I can look back on my life, I would never have thought that God would raise up a woman like me. He used my ashes and turned it into treasures. A shy young girl, with no confidence and no direction, headed into an unknown future that did not bother her. All that interested me was what the world could offer, but when I found Jesus, he turned my whole life around.  He gave me a true identity that no one can ever replace, he filled an empty place in my soul that money, nor status can complete. He gave me wisdom and knowledge to direct my journey on earth.  His promises was fulfilled and he never gave up on me. He made me realise why my worth as a woman is valuable in the Kingdom.  Therefore, I will forever be grateful to be apart of the movement of God. Chosen for such a time as this, to touch and influence those within my surrounding and coming behind me.  If he can do it for me, he can do it for you too. Grace and peace


Hortensia Carelse

My name is Hortensia Carelse. I would like to share my testimony with you. Last year we were in the process of buying a house, a bit bigger than what we had. Everything went well, we signed documents and our house went on the market. However, the owner of the new house had a change of heart and decided not to proceed with the transaction. We did not want to go the legal route because we weren't prepared to go that route. Instead, we decided to cut our losses and start a fresh. We were supposed to move out December 2020. On the 15th December my husband felt sick and was tested positive for COVID. Long story short, it was tough, but we trusted God because he and my daughter had symptoms, but not myself and my son. We prayed like never before. There was a time my husband gave me numbers of people to contact if he does not make it through the night. There were a few nights we thought he was not going to make it, but through the prayers of the saints and God's promises, He came through for us. The whole of December we were in quarantine and God wanted us to trust the process. The agent told us that the new owners of our old house wanted to move in the end of December 2020. We responded by saying it is fine. Trusting God and we had nowhere to go. We just left everything in God's hands and trusted Him for who He is. The agent and the new owners did not contact us. We started viewing places to rent. The owners then contacted us to inform us that they would like to move in on the 14th February 2021. We trusted this Great, Almighty God and He came through for us. On the 9th February 2021 the agent of the house in Parow informed us that our application was successful and we moved in the 12th February 2021. All I can say is God is faithful and He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Throughout this whole process God wanted us as a family to trust the process and He gave us far beyond what we could ever imagine. We used to drive past our house (new house) and I used to tell my husband and kids "I wish, I just wish we could live here". To conclude, the song that kept us going was "Goodness of God" by Bethel Music. There is power in the tongue. Trust the process and put your trust in God. He knows best. Hope you are blessed


Zoe Rudolph

Hi Everyone. I'm Zoë Rudolph and I'm 14 years of age. I would love to share my testimony. On the 31st of August 2019 I started getting really sharp pains in my right abdominal area. The pain continued throughout the night and I did not get any sleep. On Sunday morning I woke up and suddenly couldn't walk, the pain was so unbearable. My grandfather took me to the nearest doctor which wasn't as near as it seemed because on a Sunday all the doctors are always closed. The doctor then examined me and sent me to Red Cross Hospital with immediate effect. My grandfather informed my church family to pray for me. I was so overwhelmed and scared. When I got to the hospital my temperature was extremely high and I was nauseous. I then went for a scan to see what was wrong. A few minutes later the doctors informed me that they couldn't seem to find out what was wrong . They said that it might be my appendix . My doctor then took some of my blood, as well as put me on a drip for energy . I was crying as she was putting the needle in my arm but my father calmed me down. The doctor then had a very serious conversation with my parents and gave them an ultimatum. It's either that they would give me pain medication and I could go home, and if it turns out to be my appendix I might not make it, or they would do the surgery to see if it is my appendix. We then prayed about it and decided that the surgery would be best because my parents did not want to risk losing me. I had to stay at the hospital for the night and the next morning at 9am I had to go in for surgery. My family and I prayed before I had to go into theatre. As I was waiting for them to fetch me I had so much peace and faith that God will cover me and protect me. I believed and went into theatre with God by my side. I was in surgery for 2 hours and 30 minutes. I was supposed to only be in theatre for 1 hour but it then turned out to be my appendix. It had already burst before the surgery and the poison liquid started leaking out into my body. Luckily I had surgery just in time to stop the leakage. Many doctors and nurses said that I was lucky to be alive but I told them that I am blessed. God's protective hands was with me, He healed me. He never gave up on me! Because He truly loves me. Never doubt God in any situation you're in. Never dilute your prayer with worry and anxiety!! God is and will always be there. He never sleeps nor slumbers.

Jeremiah 29 vs 11